The GFG ( The BFG in Scots) by Roald Dahl, translated by Susan Rennie


Ae nicht, Sophy is wheeched fae her bed in the orphanage by the muckle haund o a giant.  Lucky for her, it belangs tae the Guid Friendly Giant.  The GFG disna eat wee lassies.  He jist eats foostie feechcumbers an drinks fuzzleglog.  But there are ither giants that are no sae freendly an that snashter up slaversome human beans for their tea. 

A classic from Roald Dahl this book is a fantastic gift for all ages! Read Susan Rennie's new translation tae find oot if Sophy an her new freend can think on a sleekit ploy tae stap the likes o the Bluidsqueesher, the Girlsegorbler, the Slaistermaister, an their hail ugsome clan!of this children's classic to find out what sleekit terrible things the Eejits do to each other and what makes them both so completely mingin.

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