Haynes explains Marriage


The aim of Haynes Explains Marriage is to help you get the best value from your partnership. It can help you...

(a) decide what work must be done

(b) tackle this work yourself, though you may choose to have much of it performed by external contractors such as the local pizza delivery company, the garage that sells just-on-the-right-side-of-dodgy flowers, or (failing those) your local Relate counsellor.

Sections include:

That New Car Smell (the honeymoon period).

Honeymoon (n): the last holiday a man has before he starts working for a new boss.

Depreciation (how endearing habits become annoying).

Crash Test Ratings (arguments and how to handle them).

Backseat Drivers (when the in-laws come to stay). It s important to retain a soft spot for your mother-in-law. About halfway down the garden between the shed and the compost heap is ideal.

Aerodynamics & Drag (keeping the marriage fresh).

A great gift for any couple about to embark into married life.

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