Geordie's Minging Medicine by Roald Dahl, translated by Matthew Fitt


"Geordie's Grannie wis a crabbit auld wumman wi peeliewally broon teeth and a wee snirkit-up mooth like a dug's bahookie.  She wis aye compleenin, girnin, greetin, grummlin and mulligrumphin aboot somethin or ither".

As far as she's concerned, Geordie can do nothing right.  But when it's time for him to give her a dose of her daily medicine, Geordie decides to mix up a concoction from his own recipe, with astonishing results! Sit back and watch what happens when Grannie takes a spoonful of Geordie's magic broon brew.

Following on from the best-selling "The Eejits", Matthew Fitt has written another Scots version of a classic Roald Dahl story.

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