Buckfast Chocolate Bar

Buckfast Chocolate Bar

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Buckfast Chocolate. We kid you not!

The tipple with a notorious reputation in Scotland, Buckfast does have a distinctly Scottish connection, just for all the wrong reasons. The famous Tonic Wine has been made by the monks of Buckfast Abbey in Devon since 1897 - and consumed by underage Scottish drinkers for almost as long. With a high alcohol content as well as being packed with the same amount of caffeine as 8 cans of cola, Buckfast has earned itself the nickname "Wreck the Hoose" juice in Scotland. Our Buckie Chocolate Bar is an altogether more grown up affair. Smooth milk chocolate is mixed with Buckfast to create a surprisingly tasty ganache. Buckfast chocolate has it's tongue very firmly in cheek. But please - grow up and eat responsibly. In moderation if you please!

Collaboration Artwork

Spotting the colourful work of Scottish Illustrator Cheryl Jones at the Scottish Trade Fair, we approached Cheryl about using her illustration for the bar artwork. She has a wonderfully colourful collection of Scottish greetings cards, candles and mugs and we think her 'Buckie' Wild Thing design is the perfect way to make Buckfast Chocolate a brilliant jokey gift!

100g Chocolate Bar

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