Aperitif Candles by Vineyard Candles


Vineyard Candles are created using luxury natural wax blended with the finest fragrances from around the world. Poured by hand into a rustic clear glass container, the aperitif collection was created using the famous drinks as inspiration. 

Made using luxurious natural soya wax for a long lasting clean burn, these aperitif candles by Vineyard Candles are ideal for those that enjoy a great smelling, atmospheric evening and a nice wee tipple. 

The candle burn time is in excess of 40 hours.

Amaretto - Fresh almonds with subtle tones of apricot and citrus with hints of fig

Spiced Rum - Caribbean spice infusions with a dark molasses base

Espresso Martini - Sparkling fresh coffee, a dark sugary base and hints of citrus and vanilla

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