Animal Earrings by Hug A Porcupine


These enamel designs by Hug A Porcupine are our new favourite at Quirky Coo! Hug A Porcupine is inspired by symmetry, patterns, colours, geometric shapes and animals.

Designed for the quirky and peculiar, Hug A Porcupine’s accessories are for the casual and everyday wear.

Earring Dimensions:

Unicorn - 1.5cm (height) X 1.45cm (width)

Black & White Cat -  1.5cm (height) X 1.1cm (width)

Pink & White Cat - 1.5cm (height) X 1.1cm (width)

Fox - 1.5cm (height) X 1.1cm (width)

Swan - 1.3cm (height) X 1.45cm (width)

Composition - Brass & Metal