Whisky Barrel Picture Frame


Made from the extension of the staves beyond the head of the whisky cask and includes the steel hoop from the whisky barrel, this picture frame is handmade just outside Edinburgh in Scotland.  Reclaimed whisky casks from distilleries throughout Scotland are used, with each frame inlaid with genuine Harris Tweed as a finishing touch.
A solid piece, this picture frame holds a single 4 x 6" photograph,  in a freestanding portrait format
Every picture frame will be different due to the variations of the wood but they measure approximately 24 cm x 25cm.
Each frame is front loaded and held with Perspex, secured by copper screws.
Each frame is uniquely numbered on the reverse to record the casks origin.  Information on where the whisky barrel came from can be found using an online frame origin archive. In addition the reverse of this frame  includes the "Croze", which is the cut out that the heads of the cask fit into.

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